Invitation for journalists - The next stage of investment in reducing UK carbon emissions


Joint EPSRC and Carbon Trust press release

5.45pm 6.30pm
Thursday 14th July

RICS Foundation, Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AD

The G8 Summit has put global climate change firmly on the political agenda. In the UK significant work is already underway to tackle the main cause of climate change carbon dioxide emissions. Today (July 14th) sees the launch of the next stage of major investment in research focused on reducing UK carbon emissions.

This event covers three important developments in this area:

The launch of the Carbon Vision Leadership Programme: Up to 2.3M will be used to support two outstanding academics in science and engineering in their work to develop technologies to enable the UK to move towards a low carbon economy. The recipients of the awards will be announced next year. The holders of these posts will become ambassadors for the low carbon research community in the UK.

Carbon Vision Buildings Projects: Alongside the Leadership Programme, 5.4M is already being invested in three integrated research projects aimed at reducing emissions in all UK buildings residential and commercial. Buildings are responsible for 45 per cent of the carbon emissions in the UK. The researchers leading the three projects will be available for interview at the event (outlines of the projects are available from [email protected]).

The inaugural meeting of the Carbon Vision Buildings Engagement Group: This is made up of leading industrialists and decision makers in the area of emissions associated with UK buildings. Representatives come from government departments, local authorities, professional bodies, consultancies and the property sector. Their role is to provide guidance on the best ways of commercialising research outputs in this area. They will also help to identify and promote priority research areas in this strategically important field.

The emphasis is very much on turning the research into real benefits for UK Society. Carbon Vision is a partnership between the Carbon Trust and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). It was formed to improve links between the needs of business and the capabilities of University R & D departments to deliver on low carbon technologies and solutions in the UK. Carbon Vision will invest over 14M in low carbon research. Additional support has been provided by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

A key objective of the Carbon Vision Buildings partnership is to reduce the emissions associated with UK buildings by 50 per cent by 2030.

Notes for Editors:

Climate change is the biggest environmental threat that we face and action is needed now. It's being caused mainly by emissions of greenhouse gases, the most common of which is carbon dioxide. The vast majority of CO2 emissions are man made and are produced when fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) are burned to produce energy. Vehicles that run on petrol and diesel also produce CO2. In the same way that glass traps heat in a greenhouse, greenhouse gases can trap heat in the earth's atmosphere, inducing global warming. There is growing scientific evidence that this overall rise in the earth's temperature is leading to climate change and an increased risk of severe weather conditions such as droughts and flooding. The consensus in the scientific community is that mankind is primarily responsible for the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and for the climate change that will occur as a result. Hence the consequences of climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions are critical issues facing the international community.

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5:45pm 6.30 pm Question time: (a chance to talk to representatives from Carbon Vision)

Keynote address: Professor David Fisk CB, FREng, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Chief Scientific Adviser. 6:55 Address 2: Dr David Vincent, Technology Director, The Carbon Trust
7:00 Drinks & Networking
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