Research professionals applaud STN AnaVist


Software aims for new standard in patent and competitive analysis tools

Columbus, Ohio / Karlsruhe, Germany, July 18, 2005 - Chemical Abstracts Service and FIZ Karlsruhe have officially launched their new STN AnaVist software. After months of extensive use in testing, research professionals and other experts predict that STN AnaVist will quickly establish itself as a standard for patent and competitive intelligence analysis tools. They are hailing STN AnaVist's innovative capabilities including its intellectually-based standardization of fielded data from patent and non-patent literature, coupled with an interactive approach for viewing data relationships.

"STN AnaVist is an easy-to-use tool providing concise, graphically well-presented patent analyses" said Dr. Gisela Darges, Competitive Intelligence, Degussa AG. "Of particular interest are the interactive linkages between the individual charts allowing for multi-dimensional viewing of selected criteria. The two- or three-dimensional Research Landscape is a promising new way to analyze and visualize document content. Such tools support innovation and trend research and can possibly shorten the time expended in R&D "

According to Nicolas Lalyre, Patent Information Specialist, Syngenta, "the interactivity of the visualized data and the maps based on high-value databases make STN AnaVist a pioneering Analysis & Visualization tool. For example, you can select an area of interest on the map and get simultaneously the key competitors, key inventors and database records related to this area."

Much of the STN AnaVist appeal results from its design, explained Anthony J. Trippe, a well known speaker and writer on patent information and competitive intelligence who served on the STN AnaVist development team. "To benefit from both data mining and text mining approaches, analysts have needed to prepare different sets of data and work with multiple tools," explained Trippe. "STN AnaVist was designed to include powerful text and data mining tools in the same environment, so analysts can easily use both techniques and gain when they are interactively combined."

STN AnaVist was developed to meet the need to assimilate and present information more effectively to derive greater value from search results and to support management in making business-critical decisions. Key features of STN AnaVist include:

  • Integrated content from multiple databases - Users can search, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources, including CAplus, PCT, and U.S. full-text patent databases.

  • Unique relationships between structured and unstructured data - STN AnaVist offers the unique ability to uncover relationships among seven different fields within documents records, e.g., companies, inventors, years, and concepts.

  • Data grouping and cleanup - A company name thesaurus appropriately groups companies and company name variations prior to the analysis.

  • Concept standardization - Application of CAS vocabulary standardizes technology terms across the databases, reducing data scatter.

  • Interactive relationships among data and charts - The visualization workspace makes relationships easy to see with highlighting of data during the analysis.

  • Flexible creation of results sets - Results can be obtained through easy import of an existing answer set created in STN Express with Discover! Analysis Edition, Version 8.0, or using the integrated concept search capability in STN AnaVist.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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