ESC Congress 2005 to utilise studies, sessions and sunshine to shed light on women and CVD


Sophia Antipolis, France, 21 June 2005: With the aim of better understanding and addressing women and cardiovascular disease (CVD), the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) has made women and CVD the focus of its next major annual event, the ESC Congress, which will take place in Stockholm, 3 7 September 2005.

The ESC Congress will highlight women and CVD by revealing results from the ESC Policy Conference and the ESC Euro Heart Survey during specific sessions at the Congress. The ESC also will provide information with regard to women and CVD during a two-day outdoor public event that will run alongside the ESC Congress, entitled 'For Your Heart's Sake,' 2 3 September 2005 in central Stockholm.

In preparation for the ESC Congress' focus, the ESC is convening a Policy Conference on 'CVD in Women' on 23 24 June 2005, which will bring together approximately 60 cardiologists and experts from the 49 ESC member countries to review and discuss medical literature on CVD in women. The group will evaluate the gap between scientific data and the perception about the role of CVD risk factors in women's health. Strategies will be discussed to promote research in the field of CVD in women and to educate both cardiologists and their patients. The results of this conference will be released during the ESC Congress 2005, and also through an article to be published in the European Heart Journal, an official journal of the ESC.

The ESC Congress' selection of sessions on women and CVD will include release of the Euro Heart Survey database analyses with incidence and treatment trends of women with CVD across Europe. Analyses of the Euro Heart Survey databases are expected to greatly contribute to an increased understanding and treatment of women and CVD through insight into manifestation, treatment and co-morbidity patterns in women compared to men.

There will also be a special focus on women and CVD, including specific information on risk factor reduction through lifestyle improvements, at For Your Heart's Sake, the ESC outdoor public event on prevention messages. For Your Heart's Sake consists of fun and educational activities on CVD prevention and offers free risk assessment of blood pressure, cholesterol and overall risk prediction using the ESC HeartScore tool. For more information on former For Your Heart's Sake events see: Visit: for more information on the ESC HeartScore tool.

Earlier this year, the ESC launched its Women at Heart initiative, which acts as the springboard for various ESC-driven activities that underscore important issues surrounding women and CVD. Through Women at Heart, the ESC is calling for and working toward key objectives including: increased awareness across Europe that CVD is the primary cause of death in women; better understanding of women's risk factors; improved treatment of women and CVD by the medical profession; increased presentation of women in clinical trials; and analysis of the ESC Euro Heart Survey databases to yield specific data on women and CVD.

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Press may register for the ESC Congress free of charge, on presentation of a press ID card or letter of assignment. Press registrations cannot be confirmed until appropriate press ID has been received and approved.

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Full press facilities, activities, materials and assistance will be provided to all on-site press attendees, including a series of press conferences on the hot topics of the Congress and access to speakers, authors and ESC Spokespersons for comment and interviews.

Details of the ESC press conference schedule and press release topics will be posted several weeks prior to the Congress. No press materials are released pre-embargo.

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