Canada Wood: New funding announced to strengthen markets


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OTTAWA -- Canada's wood industry is bridging new markets around the world with the help of a joint government–industry export development program. Today, the Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), announced a further $6.8 million in funding for the Canada Wood Export Program (known as Canada Wood). The funding will support overseas projects to enhance market development in Asia and Europe.

"By creating new opportunities in the global marketplace, Canada Wood is helping secure the long-term competitiveness of Canada's wood products industry," said Minister Efford. "And by working together with wood industry associations and other partners, this program also strengthens our efforts to establish Canada worldwide as a preferred source for top-quality and innovative wood products."

The Canada Wood funding will support international offices overseas in Europe, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mexico; new branding initiatives such as high-profile trade shows, publications and training seminars; and technical support activities, including wood-frame construction training projects, product testing, market acceptance and accreditation of Canadian wood products. "To ensure the future prosperity of Canada's forest industry, we need to continue to diversify and expand Canada's forest exports," said the Honourable David L. Emerson, Minister of Industry and Co-Senior Minister for British Columbia. "Canada Wood is an important way to help the forest industry capitalize on overseas development opportunities and promote Canadian innovation and expertise around the world."

Launched in 2002, the Canada Wood program is a five-year, $35-million partnership with the domestic wood industry. Projects funded by the Canada Wood program have resulted in the development of codes and standards for wood-frame construction in China, Japan and Taiwan; increased sales of Canadian prefabricated homes in the United Kingdom and France; and the accreditation of Canadian plywood panels for sale in the European Union.

For the 2005–2006 fiscal year, 14 industry associations submitted projects totalling $14.8 million. The Government of Canada's $6.8-million contribution will be matched with funding from the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario and the Canadian wood-products industry.

This investment in expanding Canada's wood-export markets advances Canada's international leadership role in the natural resources sectors, which are a vital part of Canada's economy and society. It also supports the Government of Canada's commitment to building on the strength of our country and our people.

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