Better screening for sexual and physical abuse could improve the health of minority adolescent women


June 1, 2005 - Minority adolescent women have the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases which places them at higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and HIV/STD, a recent study shows.

According to research led by Jane Dimmitt Champion, Ph.D. at the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, these adolescents reported a history of sexual and physical abuse, and many barriers to health care. This places abused minority adolescents with STD at even higher risk of pelvic inflammatory disease and HIV/STD. Adverse long term effects of pelvic inflammatory disease include chronic pain and infertility requiring long term medical care.

Dr. Champion and her team conclude that with better screening for history of sexual/physical abuse in health care clinics caring for minority adolescent women, further health problems including chronic pelvic pain and infertility could be decreased.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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