Sustainable energy technologies: Efford announces national panel members


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OTTAWA -- The Honourable R. John Efford, Minister of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), today announced the formation of a panel of distinguished experts in the field of energy science and technology (S&T). The panel will provide advice on Canada's energy S&T priorities that will help Canada develop sustainable energy solutions for the future.

The panel members will examine Canada's current energy situation, key technology strengths and the best mechanisms for partnerships with the provinces, territories, industry and academia, as well as internationally.

"As a major energy producer, Canada has a keen interest in meeting the opportunities and challenges facing energy production and use, including the long-term issues raised by climate change. This will require an even greater focus on energy S&T to ensure our place as a global leader in clean, affordable energy," said Minister Efford. "I am very pleased that this panel brings together leading experts in the field to address how Canada will meet our energy challenges now and in the future."

The members will serve on the panel until December 2005, at which time they will report back to the Minister of Natural Resources on what Canada's energy science and technology priorities should be and the best ways to deliver on these priorities. Their work will examine the economic, social and environmental considerations that are important to Canadians, as well as opportunities for research and partnerships among governments, industry and research institutions at the national and international level.

The Government of Canada currently spends approximately $200 million a year on energy-related science and technology through programs and partnerships with the public and private sectors. These efforts have led to significant advances in reducing the cost of production, addressing environmental impacts and improving the efficiency of energy production and use.

The panel's report will serve as a foundation for the Sustainable Energy Science and Technology Strategy announced in Budget 2005. The Budget earmarked an additional $200 million towards the implementation of the Strategy. This Strategy will support the Technology Investment Fund -- a fund that provides an alternative for large final emitters to meet their emissions targets and supports the development and deployment of innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Both the Strategy and the Fund are key components of Canada's recently announced Project Green and its plan Moving Forward on Climate Change: A Plan for Honouring our Kyoto Commitment.

This initiative enhances our quality of life by contributing to knowledge, innovation and technology in the natural resources sectors, which are a vital part of Canada's economy and society. It also supports the Government of Canada's commitment to building on the strength of our country and our people.

Biographies of the members of the National Advisory Panel on the Sustainable Energy Science and Technology Strategy are available in the media backgrounder at It is anticipated that an additional member may be named in the near future.

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