May 2005 Ophthalmology journal


SAN FRANCISCO--Studies from the May 2005 issue of Ophthalmology, the clinical journal of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, are now available. These include:

  • How Can We Insure That Neuro-ophthalmology Will Survive?
  • Management of the Patient with Suspected Temporal Arteritis: A Decision-Analytic Approach
  • The Diagnostic Yield of the Evaluation for Isolated Unexplained Optic Atrophy
  • Diabetes and Hypertension in Isolated Sixth Nerve Palsy: A Population-Based Study
  • Initial Evaluation of Subcutaneous Daclizumab Treatments for Noninfectious Uveitis: A Multicenter Noncomparative Interventional Case Series
  • Risk Factors for Mortality in Patients with AIDS in the Era of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
  • Pathological Findings in Eyes with the Ganciclovir Implant
  • 14-Year Incidence, Progression, and Visual Morbidity of Age-Related Maculopathy: The Copenhagen City Eye Study
  • Hyperglycemia, Blood Pressure, and the 9-Year Incidence of Diabetic Retinopathy: The Barbados Eye Studies
  • Vitreous Levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Intercellular Adhesion Molecule 1 Are Related to Diabetic Macular Edema
  • Outcomes of 140 Consecutive Cases of 25-Gauge Transconjunctival Surgery for Posterior Segment Disease
  • Fundus Autofluorescence and Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
  • Ruthenium Brachytherapy for Uveal Melanoma, 1979-2003: Survival and Functional Outcomes in the Swedish Population
  • Grouped Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium Follows Developmental Patterns of Pigmentary Mosaicism
  • Fundus Perimetry with the Micro Perimeter 1 in Normals: Comparison to Conventional Threshold Perimetry
  • Discrimination of Glaucomatous Optic Neuropathy by Digital Stereoscopic Analysis
  • Does Adjunctive Glaucoma Therapy Affect Adherence to the Initial Primary Therapy?
  • Safety and Efficacy of Phacoemulsification Compared with Manual Small-Incision Cataract Surgery by a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial: 6-Week Results
  • Anterior Vitreous Tapping to Manage Positive Vitreous Pressure during Triple Procedures
  • Role of Hyaluronidase in Diplopia after Peribulbar Anesthesia for Cataract Surgery
  • Detection of Virulence Factors in a Corneal Isolate of Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Incidence of Herpes Simplex Virus Keratitis in France
  • Intraoperative Mitomycin C and Amniotic Membrane Transplantation for Fornix Reconstruction in Severe Cicatricial Ocular Surface Diseases
  • Correlation of Corneal Complications with Eyelid Cicatricial Pathologies in Patients with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome
  • Intralesional Triamcinolone Acetonide Injection for Primary and Recurrent Chalazia: Is It Really Effective?
  • Paradoxical Use of Frontalis Muscle and the Possible Role of Botulinum A Toxin in Permanent Motor Relearning
  • Simultaneous Orbital Decompression and Correction of Upper Eyelid Retraction versus Staged Procedures in Thyroid-Related Orbitopathy
  • Combined Rectus Muscle Transposition with Posterior Fixation Sutures for the Treatment of Double-Elevator Palsy
  • Full Vertical Rectus Muscle Transposition Combined with Medial Posterior Fixation Sutures for Patients with Adduction Deficiency

Source: Eurekalert & others

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