Society of Nuclear Medicine to offer first $25,000 Mallinckrodt Seed Grant


Grant for Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine Research

RESTON, Va.--The Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) is offering a new, competitive grant to researchers in molecular imaging/nuclear medicine, thanks to a $25,000 donation from Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt. This contribution, which was made recently to the Education and Research Foundation (ERF) for SNM, will be used to fund the first SNM/Mallinckrodt Seed Grant in Molecular Imaging/Nuclear Medicine Research.

The grant is designed to assist researchers in conducting new and innovative pilot projects that have potential for future support from foundations, corporations or government agencies. "This generous gift from Mallinckrodt helps pave the way for research that will lead to a better understanding of human disease and the development of life-saving treatments," said SNM President Mathew L. Thakur, Ph.D. "As partners, we demonstrate our commitment to helping the molecular imaging/nuclear medicine community advance research initiatives," he added.

"Research of this type is essential in expanding the use of molecular imaging and nuclear medicine to better serve patients, both now and in the future. Mallinckrodt is pleased to partner with SNM in this worthy endeavor," said Chris Wagner, group director of nuclear medicine at Mallinckrodt.

Eligible applicants are U.S. or international basic or clinical scientists employed by academic or research-oriented organizations. Applicants must hold a full-time faculty position in an educational institution when the award starts and must have completed all advanced training. Applicants must not have served as a principal investigator on grants totaling $50,000 or more in a single calendar year. Preference will be given to individuals who are in the early stages of their career and who have demonstrated great potential for a research career in the field of molecular imaging/nuclear medicine. No grantee may receive more than one grant in any one year. Likewise, no other grant request or continuation will be considered until a satisfactory summary of an earlier grant is received.

This grant may supplement--not duplicate--other financial support. It will not pay institutional overhead costs or indirect costs, and no salary support will be provided for a principal investigator or co-principal investigators. The grant will be limited to a time span of one year, and no extensions will be allowed. Grantees are expected to submit results of the research as an abstract for presentation at SNM's Annual Meeting and/or as a scientific manuscript to the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

SNM's grants and awards program is funded by both the Education and Research Foundation for the Society of Nuclear Medicine and the SNM Technologist Section (SNMTS) Professional Development and Education Fund. This program provides research grants and fellowships, educational scholarships and recognition awards to researchers, young investigators and students in nuclear medicine, molecular imaging and nuclear medicine technology. The Education and Research Foundation for SNM has been supporting the molecular imaging/nuclear medicine community since its founding in 1969. The foundation's mission is to advance excellence in health care through education and research in molecular imaging/nuclear medicine by provision of grants and awards.

"Providing molecular imaging/nuclear medicine professionals with increased support for cutting-edge research is one of the major priorities of SNM and the foundation," said ERF President Michael D. Devous Sr., Ph.D. "We are thankful that Tyco Healthcare/Mallinckrodt came forward to help us on this venture," he added.

For more information about this grant and application materials or to learn more about SNM, the foundation or making a contribution, please contact Kathy Bates, SNM's director of development, via phone at 703-708-9000, ext. 1028, or via e-mail at [email protected]. Information is posted on SNM's Web site at All applications must be received by Sept. 15, 2005, for research projects conducted in 2006. SNM will notify the grant recipients in December 2005.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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