2005 Pharmacology, Therapeutics, & Toxicology Research Award


Baltimore, Maryland...Dr. Paul Moore, Director, Oral Health Science Institute, University of Pittsburgh, PA, has been named 2005 recipient of the Pharmacology, Therapeutics, & Toxicology Research Award, presented today during the Opening Ceremonies of the 83rd General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), convening at the Baltimore Convention Center. The award, supported by Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, is one of 15 Distinguished Scientist Awards conferred annually by the IADR.

Dr. Moore has a distinguished career as a clinical pharmacologist. His research is particularly noteworthy in several dimensions. First, he has conducted pivotal studies on anxiolytics, including major clinical research defining the efficacy and adverse effects of various methods of pediatric sedation. These studies form the basis of contemporary pediatric sedation guidelines. Second, he has conducted critical studies on clinical analgesics and anesthetics, leading to the recognition of important combinations of these drugs for producing optimal pain control with minimal adverse effects. Third, his recent research on diabetes has led to new recognition of the role of this prevalent disorder in oral health. Fourth, he has established himself as a research mentor to new generations of clinical pharmacologists. Taken together, Dr. Moore's distinguished career has led to a body of translational research which has provided an evidence-based framework for the application of contemporary pharmacological evidence to the practice of clinical dentistry.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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