Monaco formalises its EUREKA membership in Paris


The Principality of Monaco was formally welcomed as a member of the EUREKA research initiative yesterday at the Monegasque Embassy in Paris. Franck Biancheri, Monegasque Minister of Finance, signed the official statement of Monaco's participation, watched by Roel Kramer, for the Dutch Chairmanship of EUREKA. Also present were M. Riey (EUREKA High Level Representative for Monaco), Christian Orsetti (Ambassador of Monaco to France) and Michel Vieillefosse (Head of the EUREKA Secretariat).

"Monaco is convinced innovation through European co-operation is essential to its future industrial development both economically and to generate jobs," observes Vieillefosse. "Monaco sees EUREKA as one of the most effective tools to reach its objectives."

After the Vatican, Monaco is the smallest country in the world, with a population of 32,000. Over 25,000 people commute into Monaco every day, mainly from France, making it one of the most important employment areas for the French Alpes-Maritimes region. Key activities include light manufacturing, biotechnology and marine R&D.

It became a full member of EUREKA in January 2005, together with San Marino, following an announcement at the EUREKA Ministerial Conference in Paris in June 2004. Despite its small size, Monaco is keen to co-operate internationally and is setting up EUREKA structures to support research and development (R&D). Monaco is establishing a dedicated 2 million fund for EUREKA projects.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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