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Register Plus

The Hague, 3 January 2005 - The European Patent Office is pleased to announce the addition to its epoline® range of products and services of a new online service called Register Plus.

A "one-stop shop" for access to bibliographical, procedural, legal status and file information, Register Plus will make patent information in the public domain more transparent and easier to access, which in turn will help stimulate innovation in the European economy.

Available free of charge via www.epoline.org, Register Plus is not restricted to patent professionals: anyone can use it - anytime, anywhere - to retrieve the patent information they need.

For example, to view the original documents belonging to European patent application number 91105271, all you have to do is enter this number in the search mask on the Register Plus page. At the top of the results screen you will find the information that the patent has been revoked. Clicking on the Patent Family link will bring you to an overview of all the other patent applications belonging to that patent family, in this case AU633236 and DE69123625, while a hyperlink will take you to the EPO's esp@cenet® online patent information service. If post-grant information is what you are looking for, then a click on Legal Status will take you to INPADOC data.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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