European Union cites excellence of Hebrew University neural computation center


Prof. Idan Segev
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The European Union has designated the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation as a center of excellence.

The citation states that "the combination of facilities, equipment and expertise at one site appears to be genuinely rare in Europe" and that "the center is highly regarding by leading brain scientists throughout the European Union….Many of the research projects underway cover topics of major importance to human health and development, such as studies in Parkinson's disease and dyslexia."

As an outcome of this designation, the Hebrew University center has signed an agreement with the EU to host some 100 researchers from Europe to train them in applying a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the functions of the brain.

The EU citation took note of the center's "remarkable achievements" in publishing articles in peer-reviewed scientific publications. In 2001-2002 scientists from the center published 29 articles in leading scientific publications, including 13 in the journal Nature and four in the journal Science.

The EU also said that "the center offers a unique, broad combination of different devices, from molecular technique to imaging, and creates a unique possibility for research in the field."

Prof. Idan Segev, head of the center, said, "We are very proud that the EU has decided to grant us this important and rare designation. Seventeen countries have already expressed an interest in sending scientists to our center. We will be pleased to host them in Israel and to share our research information with our EU colleagues."

The EU stated that it welcomes "the opportunity for young scientists to receive training" at the Hebrew University center and that the specific equipment and expertise that the center offers "should enhance the cross-fertilization of ideas and quality training and research across EU research institutions working in the field of brain science." The EU took note of the "highly successful" research and training that has already been conducted by the center for visiting European scientists.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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