Ryan is Co-PI for $900K NSF grant to study 'Dynamic Intelligent Management' of the spectrum


Research may have implications for future mobile networks

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Dr. Kevin Ryan, a Distinguished Associate Professor of Technology Management in The Howe School at Stevens Institute of Technology, is a Co-Principal Investigator for a major National Science Foundation grant that involves close to $900,000 for three years. Dr. Paul Kolodzy (formerly director of Stevens' WiNSeC) is the PI from Stevens in the grant proposal, and Milind Buddhikot and Scott Miller are Co-PIs from Lucent Technologies.

The proposed research will examine the dynamic allocation of spectrum for next generation mobile wireless networks with the goal of increasing the efficient use of limited spectrum among multiple service providers.

" The problem we're looking at," said Ryan, "is that some service providers and organizations license huge blocks of the communications spectrum, and do not fully use all the capacity on a regular basis.

" Given that the available spectrum is a precious and dwindling resource," he said, "we're studying new and better ways to manage the sharing of access to the spectrum Coordinated Dynamic Spectrum Access, as we call it. The FCC and others in government and industry are interested to know if a logical system can be devised in which one can temporarily access, or 'lease out,' spectrum on a real-time basis and how to do it efficiently and equitably. The dynamic leasing of spectrum will be very useful for emergency communications and will also help facilitate the introduction of new wireless services."

Ryan holds a doctorate in Electrical Engineering (1996) from Stevens Institute of Technology. His dissertation was based on the topic "Overload Performance and User Mobility for a Mobile Communication System."

He received his Master of Science degree (1980) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where his thesis was titled "Parallel Algorithms and Techniques For Solving Linear Equations." He also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Ryan's research and interest areas include 3G and 4G Mobile Wireless Networks; the Evolution of Wireless Networks; and Network Architecture and Quality of Service.

His industry background includes positions at AT&T Bell Laboratories (now Lucent Technologies) 1978 to 2001, where he worked in wireless communications, education and training (wireless and data networks), as well as high-speed networking and local access. He has been a full-time faculty member at Stevens Institute of Technology since 2001.

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