Interventional methods may increase the use of evidence-based practice


to improve patient outcomes by 28%

Results of a recent study have shown multiple barriers to evidence-based practice, a method of patient care that can improve outcomes by 28%, previous data supports. A key barrier is lack of nurses' knowledge of and belief in EBP suggesting that introducing interventions in health care settings can positively influence use of EBP. Additionally, having an EBP mentor was shown as a potential factor to increase the use of EBP. This demonstrates the importance for healthcare systems to create mentoring positions in their organizations.

In this study, published in a recent issue of Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 160 nurses attending a professional workshop were surveyed to assess their level of knowledge of and use of EBP in their day-to-day practice. Overall, the study shows that although nurses believe EBP would result in better patient care and outcomes, their knowledge about EBP was low. This finding supports the need for intensive continuing educational skills workshops to increase nurses' knowledge of EBP.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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