Shaping health-systems research for the developing world


NB. Please note that if you are outside North America, the embargo for LANCET press material is 0001 hours UK Time 10 September 2004.

The Ministerial Summit on Health Research (November 16-20, 2004, Mexico City), convened by WHO, will focus on health-policy development, health-systems research, knowledge dissemination, and promoting the use of findings by decision makers.

In this week's issue of The Lancet, an international task force writes: "It is now a matter of urgency to ensure that health systems become the focus of national and international efforts to improve capacity to deliver effective interventions in an equitable fashion to those who can benefit". In this Public Health article, the task force members outline a research agenda, and call on LANCET readers and other interested parties to comment on their proposals. A revised document will then be submitted to WHO after the Mexico Ministerial Summit.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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