Opening Dialogues in Healthcare Communication


Patients look to their physicians to provide more than correct diagnoses and accurate cost-effective treatments. They expect to be a part of medical decisions and to be given information to weigh treatment options against potential risks.

That is the focus of the "Opening Dialogues in Healthcare Communication" conference, sponsored by the Indiana University School of Medicine and the American Academy on Physician and Patient. The Oct. 1-3 conference will focus on how effective doctor-patient communication improves the quality of the relationship and positively influences outcomes.

A sample of the more than 100 presentations include:

  • "Using Evaluative and Measurement Techniques to Improve Patient-physician Interactions and Reduce Malpractice Claims"
  • "I know It's Bad, but How Bad is It?: Bad News in Oncologist-patient Interactions"
  • "Primary Care Clinicians Rely on the Provider-Patient Relationship to Treat Patients with Medically Unexplained Symptoms A Clinical Trial"
  • "Internet-Based Patient Education can be Holistic, Collaborative, and Entertaining"

Plenary speakers include nationally-known experts in shared decision- making Thomas Inui, M.D. of the IU School of Medicine and the Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and Hilary A. Llewellyn-Thomas, Ph.D. of Dartmouth University and health literacy experts Rima Rudd, M.S.P.H., Sc.D. of Harvard University and David W. Baker, M.D. of Northwestern University.

Non-media wishing to attend can register at or 314-576-5333.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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