Final Alert: 16th EORTC NCI AACR Symposium


Molecular targets and cancer therapeutics

There are now only three weeks to go to this joint European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, US National Cancer Institute and American Association for Cancer Research conference.

It offers:

  • First-time public presentations on new cancer drug research and development from experts in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.
  • Free registration to bona fide media with official press credentials
  • Media centre with free computing, fax, international phone and internet facilities
  • Two news briefings [12.30 hrs CET: Wednesday 29 September & Thursday 30 September]

Topics at the news briefing or to be press-released include:

  • Results from Phase I study of first second-generation antisense cancer drug used in patients
  • Trial shows which brain cancer patients benefit from temozolomide genetic predictive test clears way to targeted treatment
  • New study indicates arsenic could be suitable first-line treatment for a type of leukaemia
  • Prize-winning study shows Glivec effective in yet another type of cancer
  • A revolutionary approach to anti-angiogenesis researchers find way to exploit tumour blood vessels
  • New cell death-inducing monoclonal antibody results from early study targeting TRAIL R2 protein
  • Lypcopene and vitamin E inhibits prostate tumours new laboratory results underpin epidemiological evidence patient trial now started
  • International trial finds acne-type side effect predicts effectiveness of new targeted treatment
  • Laboratory tests show gossypol abandoned as a contraceptive can sensitise prostate cancer to radiotherapy patient trials now planned

Please note: information above on news briefing & press release topics is for information only and is embargoed until the time of the news briefings or press releases.

The conference is an opportunity for the media to listen and talk to some of the 2,000 European, American and other international experts in oncology gathered in Geneva to share findings on the latest research on new molecular targets, designer diagnostics and prognostics, smart drugs and other novel approaches to treatment.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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