UC Davis rises in NSF rankings


New figures from the National Science Foundation show that UC Davis continues to grow as a major research university. Total research and development expenditures for fiscal year 2002-03 show UC Davis now ranking 14th in the nation with $456,653,000, overtaking the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In specific subject areas, UC Davis ranked first in expenditures on agricultural research ($25,683,000); seventh in spending on biology research ($45,283,000); and 13th in life sciences, which includes medicine, biology and agricultural sciences ($336,796,000).

UC Davis spent $280,009,000 in 2002-03 from non-federal sources, which could include the state of California, other institutions, campus funds, private gifts and business sources, ranking third in the nation.

The report, Academic Research and Development Expenditures: Fiscal Year 2002 was prepared by the National Science Foundation Division of Science Resources Statistics and is available on the Web.

Additional information:
NSF Division of Science Resources Statistics

Source: Eurekalert & others

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