Bechtel increases critical infrastructure collaboration with INEEL


The U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, and Bechtel, the internationally recognized engineering and construction company, announced today that they are collaborating on critical infrastructure testing.

Bechtel, which designs and builds critical infrastructure worldwide from nuclear power plants and telecommunications systems to road systems and bridges, is interested in the INEEL's ability to test and evaluate critical infrastructure on a scalable basis on its remote and secure 890-square mile site.

Of particular interest to Bechtel is the process control and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system testing that the INEEL is conducting for government and industry. Sponsored by DOE and the Department of Homeland Security, the INEEL has established control systems and SCADA Testbeds, leveraging its more than 50 year's experience designing, building, operating and maintaining these type of control systems.

"Just a little more than a year ago Bechtel Telecommunications collaborated with the INEEL and established a Wireless Testbed in Idaho," said Linda Trocki, Bechtel principal vice president and manager of research and technology coordination. "The success of this venture led us to look at additional ways we can help our customers."

In addition to the ability to conduct testing on behalf of international customers, Bechtel is evaluating corporate funded research and development projects to infuse monetary and collaborative engineering support for Laboratory programs.

"Bechtel has first hand experience with critical infrastructure throughout the world," said Laurin Dodd, associate laboratory director for National Security. "We have the facilities, knowledge and experience to test these on a scaleable basis, safely and securely." The National Security Division is responsible for the INEEL's overall Critical Infrastructure Assurance program, in which technologies, systems and policies that protect the nation's infrastructure systems - such as energy, communications, and transportation - are developed, tested and validated under real-world conditions.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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