Oberlin Group joins Biomed Central


23 new US Institutions become BioMed Central members

BioMed Central, the Open Access publisher, announced today that 23 liberal arts colleges in the Oberlin Group are to become BioMed Central members. The membership agreement covers the cost of publication, in BioMed Central's 110+ Open Access journals, for all faculty and students at participating institutions.

The Oberlin Group is made up of 75 libraries of highly selective liberal arts colleges from across the United States. Of these, 23 have chosen to support Open Access by participating in BioMed Central's membership program.

According to Will Bridegam, Librarian of the College, Amherst College,

"The Oberlin Group Libraries support the concept of open access as a viable solution to the problem of offering affordable access to critical information in a time of rapidly escalating journal prices."

BioMed Central, the largest Open Access publisher, has seen its membership program go from strength to strength. Over 300 organizations worldwide became members in 2003. These included the NHS in England and all UK universities, all institutions in Ohio, USA, all publicly funded Finnish institutions and the Max Planck Society, Germany. BioMed Central now has over 450 members in 40 countries, of which more than 130 are in the US.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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