The practicalities of keeping clean


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The second editorial broadly welcomes the UK Government's plans to address the growing problem of hospital-acquired MRSA infection, but points out some shortcomings: '[John} Reid's plan unfortunately makes no mention of four key considerations.

First, although increasing public and professional awareness of the issue is crucial, even the most recent figures are almost impossible to interpret on an individual hospital basis.

Second, there is no mention of where resources required to implement his suggestions will come from.

Third, the plan lacks a clear timetable of when changes will begin and when they are due to be completed. Finally, there seems to be no specific sanctions for hospitals that fail to maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness or infection control.'

The editorial concludes: 'The Government's plans for cleaner hospitals and lower rates of infection are commendable, but they must be supported by practical thinking and actions that will ensure results'.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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