A window of opportunity for Africa's health information


NB. Please note that if you are outside North America, the embargo for LANCET press material is 0001 hours UK Time 16 July 2004.

The second editorial comments on the limited access to health information for health workers in resource-poor settings highlighted by Fiona Godlee's public-health article (see p 295 and press release issued on 9 July).

The widening of internet access beyond the capital cities of sub-Saharan African countries is crucial to increasing access to information for health workers.

The editorial concludes: 'We call upon the governments of the sub-Saharan African countries to ensure that their telecom networks are sold to the private sector if--and only if--the commercial companies make a binding commitment to improve services beyond the capital cities. Regional urban hubs could then be points of dissemination of health information to the district level.'

Source: Eurekalert & others

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