Colleagues to recognize research leadership in cancer detection, prevention and treatment


American Association for Cancer Research Soliciting Nominees for Awards, Lectureships Honoring Scientific Excellence

Continuing a 45-year-old tradition of honoring outstanding achievement in cancer research, the American Association for Cancer Research currently is accepting nominations for its series of annual awards. Scientists advancing the understanding and eradication of cancer through basic research, clinical care, therapeutics and prevention are eligible. Winners will help the AACR fulfill its mission to promote professional education and communications by delivering a lecture at the association's 96th Annual Meeting, April 18-20, 2005, in Anaheim, Calif.

Detailed information about each award and the nomination process are available on the AACR Website at The fields and corresponding awards represented are:

Basic cancer research:
AACR–G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award, in honor of a founding member of the AACR and a research director at the Eli Lilly Company

Clinical cancer research:
AACR–Joseph H. Burchenal Clinical Research Award, established by Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Improved clinical cancer care:
AACR–Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award, which recognizes notable contributions on the part of medical practitioners aged 50 or younger, and provides incentives to young investigators relatively early in their careers.

Epidemiology, biomarkers and prevention: AACR–American Cancer Society Award for Research Excellence in Epidemiology or Prevention, sponsored jointly by the AACR and the American Cancer Society.

Medicinal chemistry, biochemistry or tumor biology as related to drug discovery: AACR–Bruce F. Cain Memorial Award, established in 1982 by Warner Lambert Company (now Pfizer) to honor Dr. Bruce F. Cain, whose scientific interests involved the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of potential anti-tumor drugs. The award will recognize outstanding contributions in the fields and encompass anticancer, antiviral and antifungal agents.

Nutrition, cancer and cancer prevention: AACR–DeWitt S. Goodman Memorial Lectureship. Supported by anonymous contributions from two AACR members, the award memorializes an international leader in the field of nutrition and cancer.

Advancement of women in science:
AACR–Women in Cancer Research–Charlotte Friend Memorial Lectureship. Named for the renowned virologist and discoverer of the Friend virus, this lecture provides recognition for an outstanding scientist who has made meritorious contributions to the field of cancer research and who has, through leadership or by example, furthered the advancement of women in science.

Since 1961, when the first scientific award was presented, the AACR has honored 172 scientists and physicians, who collectively have made significant contributions to the understanding, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer.

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