IPR from Chalmers to Konarka can convert light to energy


Patent assets have been transferred from Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, Sweden, to Konarka Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of polymer photovoltaic products and an innovator in developing and manufacturing breakthrough products that convert light to energy. The relationship is also a beginning of a longer research cooperation between Chalmers and Konarka.

The patent is related to Konarka´s development of photovoltaic products for the global market. This adds to Konarka´s already substantial intellectual property estate.

Chalmers University of Technology carries on broad-based education and research within engineering science, natural science and architecture. "Our relationship with Chalmers University furthers our strength in Europe," sais Howard Berke, Chairman and CEO, Konarka Technologies, Inc. "As an international company, Konarka seeks the best technology and ideas from around the world as we continue to broaden our intellectual property portfolio focused on developing and manufacturing third-generation, flexible, plastic-based photovoltaics," he adds.

Mats Andersson, Assosiated Professor at Chalmers says, "It is very exciting that Konarka is interested in our research. A collaboration like this gives us further opportunities to commercialize our research."

Ingvar Andersson, Managing Director of Chalmersinvest says, "It is a win-win situation. The intellectual property comes into the hands of a company well suited to commercialize it. The relationship enables us to continue exploring new ideas. It is also marks the beginning of a longer research cooperation between Konarka Technologies and Chalmers University of Technology."

Source: Eurekalert & others

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