DCI donor services begins distribution of tissue implants


Los Angeles, CA, June 4, 2004 – Clearant, Inc. announced today that DCI Donor Services (DCIDS), an affiliation of organ and tissue recovery organizations across the United States dedicated to providing organs and tissues for transplantation, is making available an initial supply of tissue allografts that have been microbially inactivated to a level consistent with current medical device and pharmaceutical standards using Clearant's groundbreaking pathogen inactivation technology, known as the Clearant Process®.

The Clearant Process® can dramatically reduce the risk of infection in biological therapeutic products by inactivating all known types of human pathogens while preserving the structure and integrity of the tissue. Unlike other available techniques, the Clearant Process® completely penetrates tissues and can be applied to products in their final shipping container.

"Human tissue implants can offer patients substantial benefits in terms of increased mobility and range of motion with minimal healing times," said John Lee, Executive Director of DCI Donor Services. "By integrating the Clearant Process into our programs, DCI Donor Services can continue to offer high quality tissue for transplantation."

Initially, DCI Donor Services will have a limited range of Clearant Process® treated musculoskeletal implants, with a full range of products expected to be becoming available later this year.

"Patient safety is the number one priority for Clearant and the tissue allograft industry," said Clearant's Chief Operating Officer Alain Delongchamp. "By offering Clearant treated human tissue allografts, DCI Donor Services is leading the field in developing implant technology for the new millennium."

Source: Eurekalert & others

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