European Society of Cardiology Congress 2004 - Have you registered yet?


The next ESC Congress is swiftly approaching and will be held from 28th August to 1st September 2004 in Munich, Germany.

The ESC Congress is the largest medical meeting in Europe and one of the leading news-generators in cardiology.

Press may register for the ESC Congress free of charge, on presentation of a press ID card or letter of assignment.

Full press facilities, activities, materials and assistance will be provided to all on-site press attendees.

Further information & registration procedures:

On-line registration is strongly encouraged and press are requested to register in advance of the event to speed up matters on-site. On-line registration is conducted via the On Line Services at:

For full details on the ESC Congress 2004, from the scientific programme to hotel bookings and social events, see the ESC Web Site:

The ESC Congress will again be accompanied this year by For Your Heart's Sake, the ESC public event on prevention messages, to be held in central Munich from 27th to 28th August 2004. Press may request visuals and further information on this event via the main ESC Press & PR Office. For more information on former For Your Heart's Sake events see:

To register for updates on the ESC Congress, sign up for the ESC Web News weekly email bulletin, at:

Any questions?

For any further information on the ESC Congress 2004 please contact the ESC Press & PR Office directly ([email protected]).

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