IEEE-USA cites concern about rules on Access BPL systems in FCC filing


WASHINGTON (11 May 2004) In a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last week, IEEE-USA raised concerns about proposed FCC rules on Access Broadband over Power Line (BPL) systems.

IEEE-USA expressed concerns about interference to the licensed users of HF spectrum, and concerns about interference to Access BPL systems from those users. The organization noted the potential negative impact of such interference on the ultimate reliability of Access BPL as a means of delivering broadband service to users. It cited possible adverse effects on many uses that are critical to national security, homeland defense, and emergency and disaster communications.

IEEE-USA called for additional studies to evaluate the efficacy of any proposed interference-mitigation techniques. According to the organization, the FCC should not prematurely promulgate rules in the absence of such proof.

Finally, IEEE-USA called on the FCC to extend the deadline for reply comments by at least 30 days preferably 45 days beyond the current deadline of 1 June to allow interested parties sufficient time to review and consider the content of a National Telecommunications and Information Administration report and other studies that are expected to be submitted in the initial comment phase. The IEEE-USA filing is accessible at

In addition, the IEEE Standards Association and IEEE Power Engineering Society are holding a "Call for Interest in Standards Development for Broadband over Power Lines" meeting in Denver on 7 June. For more information, visit

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