Chemistry meets Biology


2nd EMBO young investigator programme symposium

Chemical approaches have always played a crucial role in the study of biological processes. This has become increasingly obvious in recent years. The use of chemical expertise to study complex biological phenomena within cellular systems and the necessity to understand and control the chemical processes underlying these phenomena has led to the development of a research field that has become known as "chemical biology".

Biologists should become increasingly aware of the possibilities offered by combining chemical and biological approaches. The aim of this meeting is to bring chemists and biologists together and showcase the application of chemical approaches, most of which are made possible by organic synthesis, to the study of biology. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about chemical approaches to cellular imaging, signal transduction, cell division, gene expression, and to structural biology and new possibilities to generate biologically important molecules. Additionally, in depth discussion with experts in protein labelling techniques, fluorophore development, combinatorial methods and high-throughput screening, chemical genetics and gene silencing/control of gene expression will be possible during round table discussion sessions. Discussion and poster sessions create the opportunity for interaction and exchange between chemists and biologists.

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