SAGE-acious prediction of thyroid carcinoma


Current protocols for thyroid tumor diagnosis require thyroid surgery to distinguish follicular thyroid carcinoma (FTC) from benign follicular thyroid adenoma (FTA). Given the rise in the incidence of thyroid cancer, preoperative classification of FTC versus FTA would greatly improve selection of optimal treatment strategies. In addition, it would reduce health care costs by allowing patients to pursue more aggressive treatments for FTC cases and avoid unnecessary surgery for FTA. Using SAGE to screen for differentially expressed genes in FTA and FTC samples, Janete Cerutti, Gregory Riggins, and colleagues, from the Federal University of São Paulo and Johns Hopkins University, identified a set of candidate classification markers. Further analysis with these genes by quantitative RT-PCR pinpointed four genes (DDIT3, ARG2, ITM1, and C1orf24) with statistically significant gene expression differences between FTC and FTA. They used these differentially expressed genes as predictive markers for carcinoma in a series of patient cases. RT-PCR analysis of patient samples for the markers successfully predicted tumor class with an accuracy of 83%, indicating the usefulness of this strategy for further development of preoperative diagnostic markers for FTC.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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