Press workshop 'Life, a Nobel Story'


Meet and interview 6 eminent scientists in molecular biology, including 4 Nobel Prize winners in chemistry and medicine

This Press Workshop is a unique occasion for European science journalists to meet and discuss with 4 Nobel Prize winners in Medicine and Chemistry and 2 world-renowned scientists in Molecular Biology. We are proud to welcome: Craig Venter (sequencing the human genome in collaboration with the Human Genome Project), Richard Roberts ('Split genes' – Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993), Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard ('Genetic control of early embryonic development' – Nobel Prize in medicine 1995), Sidney Altman ('Catalytic properties of RNA' – Nobel Prize in chemistry, 1989), Kary Mullis ('PCR' – Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1993) and Ehud Shapiro (DNA computers).

These eminent scientists have been invited to Belgium by the KVCV-biotech (the Royal Flemish Chemical Society) for the symposium on April 28 'Life, a Nobel Story'. During this one-day symposium they will present their views on how life sciences will influence mankind and the planet as a whole. The symposium takes place in Auditorium 2000 (Brussels Expo, Brussels). For more information surf to Registration is without charge for journalists. Please contact our registration desk at [email protected] for more information.

The symposium "Life, a Nobel Story' is truly a unique occasion; never before has Belgium had the privilege to welcome these excellent scientists in one symposium. The discoveries of all these speakers are milestones in modern molecular and cellular biology. To maximize the presence of the speakers of the symposium, KVCV-biotech would like to offer the European science journalists the possibility to meet and discuss with these scientists. To this end, a Press Workshop will be organized on April 29 in Brussels. It will allow in depth interviews with the different scientists and foresees sufficient time for meetings in a more relaxed manner.

At the Press Workshop the speakers will – in addition and complementary to their presentation on April 28 – give a short overview on their current work and ventures and will be available for interviews and in dept one-to-one interviews. Time slots for one-to-one interviews are limited; fast registration is essential!

Ask for your registration form at [email protected] and register today. Availability is limited. Registration for the Press Workshop on April 29 is free.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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