Declan Kirrane at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop


Declan Kirrane of ISC will give several presentations at the NATO Advance Research Workshop on R&D Priorities in Innovation Policy and Financing in Former Socialist Countries that will take place on 6-8 May 2004 in Blagoevrad, Bulgaria.

This Workshop seeks, on the one hand, to offer opportunities to bring professionals from post-socialist countries up-to-date on contemporary R&D and innovation policies and methods, with a particular emphasis to R&D financing, and, on the other hand, to provide a platform for both information dissemination and exchanges of experience on the matter of innovation.

The three-day Workshop, organised by Professor Walter Leal Filho from Hamburg and supported by NATO, will consist of three main sessions: a) Overview of trends related to innovation; b) Country-specific aspects of innovation; and c) Supporting mechanisms to innovation.

Declan Kirrane will feature the event with two presentations. During his first presentation on Thursday, 6 May, he will give an overall picture of the current and future trends of the 6th Framework Programme; while on 8 May, he will give a practical explanation on how to convert an idea into a project on international cooperation in innovation.

This proposed event has both a technical and a tactical relevance, as by the time the Workshop is being held, NATO countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia will be joining the EU. It will probably be the first training event held after the accession in May 2004 of the new Members States to the European Union.

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