Achievement, testing, equality to highlight educational researchers 85th annual meeting


WASHINGTON, March 22, 2004--To stimulate thinking and share solutions on education's most pressing questions--ranging from issues of academic achievement to urban education and validity of test results--education researchers will gather next month at the 85th annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Meeting in San Diego, California, April 12 to 15 with more than 11,000 members attending, scholars at AERA will focus on the theme of "Enhancing the Visibility and Credibility of Educational Research." They will look back on the U.S. Supreme Court decision that prohibited segregated schooling and look ahead to the role that research will play in school reform efforts, in sessions that center on:

  • Brown v. the Board of Education -- 50 Years Later;
  • Teacher Learning and Development; and
  • Justifying Evidence-Based Claims.

"At a time when policymakers, legislators, and the public are calling for a strong research base to inform decisions, one of our primary goals is to enhance our collective knowledge and understanding in ways that can inform educational policy and practice," says AERA President Hilda Borko, who also is professor of education and chair of the educational psychology program area at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Through symposiums, interactive papers, workshops and posters, more than 1,800 members will share results of their research. For a complete list of presentations, including topics and scholars, please visit the AERA Web site at and

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