Breakthrough laser technology produces major savings


Who: Rep. Ellen Tauscher, Livermore Mayor Marshall Kamena, Livermore City Manager Linda Barton, an executive from New Jersey-based Metal Improvement Co. Inc. and researchers from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will discuss and demonstrate a powerful laser used for treating components for commercial aircraft.

What: The laser technology, with a peak power of one billion watts, about the output of a large commercial power plant, is used to treat critical parts for the engines of commercial aircraft. The payoff is proving to be huge: turbine engine parts that last longer, improved safety, reduced maintenance costs and annual savings of hundreds of millions of dollars. The press conference will have excellent visuals for television reporters.

When: Friday, January 23, 10 a.m.

Where: Metal Improvement Co. Inc.'s processing facility; 7655 Longard Road; Livermore, Calif.

Directions: From the Bay Area: Exit Greenville Road, turn left at the stop sign, turn right at Mountain Vista Parkway, turn right at Longard Road. From the Central Valley: Exit Greenville Road, go under the overpass, turn right on Southfront Road, turn left on Mountain Vista Parkway, right on Longard Road.

Note: No badging is required for this event, but reporters are asked to phone 925-423-6627 in advance to aid planning.

Source: Eurekalert & others

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