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Weight-Challenged Kids Familiar with Fast-Food Logos

June 30th, 2014
Marketing works, and the results can be detrimental to the health of young people. A new study discovers the more a child is familiar with logos and other images from fast-food restaurants, sodas, and not-so-healthy snack food brands, the more likely the child is to ...

Many Teens Get Lots of Pot Tweets

June 30th, 2014
It appears that many teens are being bombarded with tweets encouraging marijuana use. A new study discovered that during an eight-month period in 2013, a marijuana-related Twitter account sent out more than 2,200 messages to some one million followers, 73 percent of whom ...

Atrocious Video Game Behavior Can Boost Moral Sensitivity

June 30th, 2014
A new study suggests wicked video game behavior can, paradoxically, lead to players’ increased sensitivity toward the moral codes they violated. “Rather than leading players to become less moral,” said Matthew Grizzard, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the University at Buffalo Department of ...

New App Helps People Get Up, Stand Up for Fitness

June 30th, 2014
A new smartphone-based intervention may produce short-term reductions in sedentary behavior that can help to improve health. Researchers from Miriam Hospital, affiliated with the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, developed a smartphone-based intervention, or smartphone app, to reduce the amount of time obese ...

Chronic Childhood Stress Leaves Lasting Impact on Brain

June 29th, 2014
Extreme stress experienced during childhood, such as poverty, neglect, and physical abuse, might alter the parts of the brain responsible for learning, memory, and the processing of stress and emotion. These changes may be linked to negative effects on behavior, health, employment, and ...

Homeless Alcoholics Typically Begin Drinking as Children

June 29th, 2014
A new study has found that homeless alcoholics typically began drinking as children. According to study author Dr. Ryan McCormack of New York University School of Medicine in New York, N.Y., 100 percent of the patients enrolled in the study at Bellevue Hospital ...

Caffeine Affects Males, Females Differently After Puberty

June 29th, 2014
A new study suggests that after puberty, males and females experience different effects from caffeine consumption, including varying changes in heart rate and blood pressure levels. Girls also experience distinct changes during their menstrual cycles. “We found an interaction between gender and caffeine ...

Sleep Problems Linked To Decline in Brain Function With Age

June 29th, 2014
New research shows a link between sleep and memory problems in older people. Researchers at the University of Warwick in England conducted an analysis of sleep and cognitive data from 3,968 men and 4,821 women who took part in the English Longitudinal Study ...

Mother’s Birthplace a Risk Factor for Autism

June 28th, 2014
The place where a woman was born and raised can be a risk factor for autism in her children, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. In the U.S., children of foreign-born women tend to have a higher risk for ...

Feeling Powerful Helps People Save More Money

June 28th, 2014
A new study has found that people save more money when they feel powerful. Researchers Emily Garbinsky, doctoral student in marketing, and Drs. Jennifer Aaker from Stanford University and Anne-Kathrin Klesse from Tilburg University in the Netherlands, conducted five experiments to see whether the decision ...
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