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REM Sleep Disorder Linked to Parkinson’s

December 31st, 2008
New research suggests that people who have a REM sleep behavior disorder may be at greater risk of developing Parkinson's disease or dementia in later life. People with REM sleep disorder have excessive body activity such as punching, kicking, or ...

Blood Sugar Linked to Good Brain Health

December 30th, 2008
Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels may be important not just for people with diabetes. New research suggests that good blood sugar levels are correlated with good brain health as we age. Lapses in memory as we age (sometimes referred to ...

Parents Who Reject Gay Teens Hurt Teens’ Health

December 30th, 2008
Parents Who Reject Gay Teens Hurt Teens’ HealthParents who reject their gay or lesbian teen are setting the teen up for an increased risk of poorer health in their early adulthood according to new research. Specifically, gay young adults ...

Virginity Pledges Don’t Change Sexual Behavior

December 30th, 2008
Virginity Pledges Don’t Change Sexual BehaviorWhile teenagers' pledges to remain a virgin until marriage may make them feel good about their sexuality choices, it apparently does little in actually changing their sexual behavior. A new study just published ...

Facial Expressions Are Innate, Not Learned

December 30th, 2008
Facial Expressions Are Innate, Not LearnedNew research suggests that common facial expressions -- expressing things like happiness, sadness, disappointment, and achievement -- may be innate, not learned. But managing our emotional expressions is likely learned. In ...

Genetic Basis for Popularity

December 29th, 2008
Genetic Basis for PopularityA groundbreaking study of popularity has found that genes elicit not only specific behaviors but also the social consequences of those behaviors. According to the investigation by Michigan State University behavioral geneticist S. Alexandra Burt, ...

Mother’s Care Influences ADHD Diagnosis

December 29th, 2008
Mothers Care Influences ADHD DiagnosisA new study infers that the probability of having one's child receive an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis involves a mother's own medical conditions and her use of health services prior to having ...

Brain Makes Good Unconscious Decisions

December 29th, 2008
Brain Makes Good Unconscious DecisionsResearchers have shown that the human brain -- once thought to be a seriously flawed decision maker -- is actually hard-wired to allow us to make the best decisions possible with the information we ...

Brain Malnourishment Triggers Alzheimer’s

December 29th, 2008
Brain Malnourishment Triggers Alzheimer’sA new study finds that the aging process often is accompanied by a slow, chronic starvation of the brain. Reduced blood glucose appears to be one of the major triggers of a biochemical process that ...

Some Teens Shamed Can Become More Aggressive

December 29th, 2008
Some Teens Shamed Can Become More AggressiveNew research suggests that some teenagers may react aggressively when they feel ashamed, especially when they have higher self-esteem than their peers. “Young teens with low self-esteem apparently don’t feel the need ...
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