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A Fast Acting Antidepressant

A glaring shortfall of current antidepressant medications involves the need to take a drug for a particular length of time (often a month or more) before the effectiveness of...
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Albert Ellis, Dead at 93

Albert Ellis, founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), died today at the age of 93, of apparent kidney and heart failure. The approach to psychotherapy Ellis pioneered helped...
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New Genetic Model for Autism

Autism is a chronic brain development disorder that shows symptoms before a child is three years old. The condition has a steady course with no remission and is characterized...
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Recognize Double Depression

Double depression is a condition that occurs when an individual suffering from mild depression falls into a major depressive state. New research identifies hopelessness as a key feature of...
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Brain and Behavior

The Peer Group Influence

Friends influence behavior for adults and for developing teenagers. Many parents fear that their child will end up with friends that exhibit behaviors contrary to what they would like...
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