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Exercise May Lower Parkinson’s Risk

April 24th, 2007
According to new research, the risk of developing Parkinson's disease may be reduced with moderate to vigorous exercise or other recreational activities. In a prospective study, scientists followed nearly 150,000 individuals with an average age of 63 over 10 years. In that ...

Spousal Influence on Alcoholism

April 24th, 2007
Alcohol dependence (AD) is known to run in families as authorities believe around 50 percent of the risk for AD is determined by genetics. A new study discovers that selection of spouse and marriage dynamics also play an important role for increasing ...

New Approach for Schizophrenia

April 24th, 2007
Converging discoveries from genetic, biochemical and behavioral research are bridging important gaps in understanding schizophrenia. Scientist report the studies provide the best evidence to date that defects in the brain's white matter are a key contributor to the disease, which affects about ...

Depression May Cause Diabetes

April 24th, 2007
Although it has been known that individuals with diabetes are often depressed, new research discovers chronic depression or depression that worsens over time may cause diabetes in older adults. The Northwestern University study is the first nation study to suggest that depression ...

Diet Stress

April 23rd, 2007
Individuals typically change their diet in an attempt to improve health and well-being. However, a new study finds that there may be physical and psychological effects from a changed diet that can reduce the chances for success. In fact, in a mammalian ...

National Coalition Says Learn from Tragedy

April 23rd, 2007
An organization of people with psychiatric histories, asks that everyone learn from the tragic events at Virginia Tech. Representatives urge the public to think compassionately about how to better engage people who are isolated, severely distressed, fearful and/or confused. The National ...

Talk Therapy for OCD

April 23rd, 2007
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is often a debilitating trait that can dramatically affect an individual's life. In the popular television show, Monk, Adrian Monk faces a daily struggle with his obsessions and compulsions. New research suggests cognitive-behavioral therapy or "talk therapy" can be ...

New Approach to Preserve Memory

April 20th, 2007
Saving human memory is one of highest level of care sought by modern medicine. The concept is integral in the treatment and care of individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury or Alzheimer's. New research suggests the discovery of a protein that ...

Family Counseling After Suicide

April 20th, 2007
When a loved one commits suicide, relatives and spouses experience a cascade of emotions including grief, guilt, and depression. Prior studies indicate some family survivors may have particularly difficult grief reactions and that cognitive behavioral therapy could be useful for the treatment ...

Parkinson’s and Web-Based Gambling

April 20th, 2007
An article in the British Medical Journal warns that Parkinson's disease sufferers could be adversely affected by the growth of web-based betting sites because they are more likely to become gambling addicts. The physician author, Dr Sui Wong , says while the ...
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