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Circadian Rhythms May Influence Bipolar

March 21st, 2007
Exciting new research adds credence to an emerging theory explaining some of the increased incidence of bipolar disorders. In laboratory tests, researchers have discovered disruption of the gene that regulates the biological clocks in mice results in mania and the exhibition of ...

Postnatal Sexual Problems

March 20th, 2007
According to new research published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, nearly one in three women still experience painful sexual intercourse a year after their baby is born and more than half have at least one sex-related health problem. UK researchers analyzed ...

Smokers’ Cravings Explored

March 20th, 2007
As anyone who has attempted to quit smoking will tell you, it isn't easy. In fact, the craving and stress accompanying nicotine withdrawal often overwhelm the higher-order brain functions that want to break the habit. In a new study, researchers used brain ...

New Genetic Link for Schizophrenia

March 20th, 2007
Researchers have uncovered evidence of a new gene that appears to increase the risk of developing schizophrenia, a disorder characterized by distorted thinking, hallucinations and a reduced ability to feel normal emotions. The scientists utilized a cutting-edge technology called whole genome association ...

Bipolar Controversy

March 19th, 2007
A debate rages in the medical community on the prevalence of bipolar disorders and ADHD. According to some, the disorders are over-diagnosed and over-treated while others believe the conditions are understudied with the wrong type of medication(s) often prescribed potentially causing harm. ...

Spirituality Aids Alcohol Recovery

March 19th, 2007
Incorporating spirituality and a sense of purpose into the alcohol recovery process has been an integral rehabilitation component for years. A new research study explores this aspect of the process documenting how spirituality changes during recovery may influence a person’s chance of ...

How Fear is Learned

March 16th, 2007
A team of scientists has learned that the neural processes associated with the development of fear are the same whether humans personally experienced an aversive event or only witnessed it. The New York University study is the first to examine the brain ...

Kids with Mental Illness Face Bias

March 16th, 2007
Sadly, researchers have discovered Americans are more likely to socially reject children with mental illness than they are those with physical illnesses such as asthma. A survey of over 1100 adults surfaced the perplexing stigma associated with children diagnosed with disorders such ...

Psychotherapy for Panic Disorder

March 15th, 2007
Researchers have demonstrated that psychoanalytic talk therapy is an effective modality for treating panic disorder. In the study, scientists compared 12 weeks of twice-weekly psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions to another well-known approach, applied relaxation training (ART). Panic disorder remains a common, debilitating condition, accounting ...

Detect Mental Health Risks Among Kids

March 15th, 2007
A Canadian team reports significant progress in determining whether a child is at risk for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Researchers have developed a battery of neurological tests that detect early signs of mental disease including problems with memory tasks, impaired planning ...
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