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    By: Ivan K. Goldberg

    Listed below are the generic and (USA) trade names of some of the medications most frequently mentioned on this list. Also included at the bottom is a list of the more commonly used abbreviations.

    Generic and Trade Names of Medications           Use of Medication
       (Trade Names Are Capitalized)
    Adapin                  doxepin                 Antidepressant
    amantadine              Symmetrel               Side-effect control
    amitriptyline           Elavil                  Antidepressant
    Antabuse                disulfiram              Blocks alcohol 
    Anafranil               clomipramine            Antidepressant
    Artane                  trihexyphenidyl         Side-effect control
    atenolol                Tenormin                Side effect control
    Ativan                  Lorazepam               Antianxiety agent
    Aventyl                 nortriptyline           Antidepressant
    bethanechol             Urecholine              Side-effect control
    bupropion               Wellbutrin              Antidepressant
    Buspar                  buspirone               Antianxiety agent
    buspirone               Buspar                  Antianxiety agent
    carbamazepine           Tegretol                Mood stabilizer
    Catapres                clonidine               Anti-ADD
                                                    Antianxiety agent
    Centrax                 prazepam                Antianxiety agent
    chlorpromazine          Thorazine               Antipsychotic
    chlordiazepoxide        Librium                 Antianxiety agent
    Cibalith-S              lithium citrate         Mood stabilizer
    clomipramine            Anafranil               Antidepressant/AntiOCD
    clonidine               Catapres                Anti-ADD
                                                    Antianxiety agent
    clonazepam              Klonopin                Antianxiety agent
    clorazepate             Tranxene                Antianxiety agent
    clozapine               Clozaril                Antipsychotic
    Cylert                  Pemoline                Psychostimulant
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    cyproheptadine          Periactin               Side-effect control
    Cytomel                 liothyronine            Potentiates antidepres-
    Decadron                dexamethasone           Diagnostic test for 
    Depakene                Valproic acid/Valproate Mood stabilizer
    Depakote                divalproex              Mood Stabilizer
    deprenyl                see selegiline          Antidepressant
    desipramine             Norpramin               Antidepressant
    Desoxyn                 methamphetamine         Psychostimulant
    dexamethasone           Decadron                Diagnostic test for 
    Desyrel                 trazodone               Antidepressant
    Dexedrine               dextroamphetamine       Psychostimulant
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    Dextroamphetamine       Dexedrine               Psychostimulant
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    diazepam                Valium                  Antianxiety agent
    disulfiram              Antabuse                Blocks alcohol 
    divalproex              Depakote                Mood stabilizer
    doxepin                 Sinequan                Antidepressant
    Elavil                  amitriptyline           Antidepressant
    Effexor                 venlafaxine             Antidepressant
    Eskalith                lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer
    fluphenazine            Prolixin                Antipsychotic
    ethchlorvynol           Placidyl                Hypnotic
    fluoxetine              Prozac                  Antidepressant/Anti-OCD
    fluvoxamine             Luvox                   Antidepressant/Anti-OCD
    Haldol                  haloperidol             Antipsychotic
    haloperidol             Haldol                  Antipsychotic
    imipramine              Tofranil                Antidepressant
    Inderal                 propranolol             Side-effect control
    isocarboxazid           Marplan                 Antidepressant
    Klonopin                clonazepam              Antianxiety agent
                                                    Mood stabilizer
    levothyroxine           Synthroid               Potentiates antidepres-
                                                    sants / Mood stabilizer
    Librium                 chlordiazepoxide        Antianxiety agent
    liothyronine            Cytomel                 Potentiates antidepres-
                                                    Mood stabilizer
    lithium carbonate       Eskalith                Mood stabilizer
                            Lithane                 Potentiates antidepres-
    lithium citrate         Cibalith-S              Mood stabilizer
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    Lithonate               lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    Lithotabs               lithium carbonate       Mood stabilizer
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    lorazepam               Ativan                  Antianxiety agent
    loxapine                Loxitane                Antipsychotic
    Loxitane                loxapine                Antipsychotic
    Ludiomil                maprotoline             Antidepressant
    Luvox                   fluvoxamine             Antidepressant
    maprotoline             Ludiomil                Antidepressant
    Marplan                 isocarboxazid           Antidepressant
    meprobamate             Miltown                 Antianxiety agent
    mesoridazine            Serentil                Antipsychotic
    methamphetamine         Desoxyn                 Psychostimulant
    Miltown                 meprobamate             Antianxiety agent
    Moban                   molindone               Antipsychotic
    moclomemide               -                     Antidepressant
    molindone               Moban                   Antipsychotic
    Nardil                  phenelzine              Antidepressant
    Norpramin               desipramine             Antidepressant
    nortriptyline           Aventyl                 Antidepressant
    Orap                    pimozide                Antipsychotic
    oxazepam                Serax                   Antianxiety
    Pamelor                 nortriptyline           Antidepressant
    Parnate                 tranylcypromine         Antidepressant
    paroxetine              Paxil                   Antidepressant
    Paxil                   paroxetine              Antidepressant
    pemoline                Cylert                  Psychostimulant
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    Periactin               cyproheptadine          Side-effect control
    perphenazine            Trilafon                Antipsychotic
    phenelzine              Nardil                  Antidepressant
    pimozide                Orap                    Antipsychotic
    pindolol                Visken                  Potentiates antidepres-
    Placidyl                ethchlorvynol           Hypnotic
    prazepam                Centrax                 Antianxiety
    Prolixin                fluphenazine            Antipsychotic
    propranolol             Inderal                 Side-effect control
    protriptyline           Vivactil                Antidepressant
    Prozac                  fluoxetine              Antidepressant
    Ritalin                 methylphenidate         Psychostimulant
                                                    Potentiates antidepres-
    selegiline              Eldepryl                Antidepressant
    Serax                   oxazepam                Antianxiety
    sertraline              Zoloft                  Antidepressant
    Symmetrel               amantadine              Side-effect control
    Stelazine               trifluoperazine         Antipsychotic
    Surmontil               trimipramine            Antidepressant
    Synthroid               levothyroxine           Potentiates antidepres-
                                                    Mood stabilizer
    Tegretol                carbamazepine           Mood stabilizer
    temazepam               Restoril                Hypnotic
    Tenormin                atenolol                Side-effect control
    thioridazine            Mellaril                Antipsychotic
    Thorazine               chlorpromazine          Antipsychotic
    Tofranil                imipramine              Antidepressant
    Tranxene                clorazepate             Antianxiety agent
    tranylcypromine         Parnate                 Antidepressant
    trazodone               Desyrel                 Antidepressant
    triazolam               Halcion                 Hypnotic
    trihexyphenidyl         Artane                  Side-effect control
    Trilafon                perphenazine            Antipsychotic
    trimipramine            Surmontil               Antidepressant
    Urecholine              bethanechol             Side-effect control
    Valium                  diazepam                Antianxiety agent
    valproic acid           Depakene                Mood stabilizer
    Valproate               Depakote/Depakene       Mood stabilizer
    venlafaxine             Effexor                 Antidepressant
    Vivactil                protriptyline           Antidepressant
    Wellbutrin              bupropion               Antidepressant
    Zoloft                  sertraline              Antidepressant

            bid     Twice a day
            BP      Bipolar
            BPD     Borderline personality disorder
            CPZ     Chlorpromazine (Thorazine
            DMI     Desipramine (Norpramin)
            hs      At bed time
            IMI     Imipramine (Tofranil)
            IV      Intra venous
            MAOI    Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
            od      Once a day
            PBO     Placebo
            po      By mouth
            SSRI    Selective serotonin reuptake blocker
            q4h     Every 4-hours
            qd      Once a day
            qid     Four times a day
            TCA     Tricyclic antidepressant
            tid     Three times a day
            UP      Unipolar

    PLEASE take a moment and email Ivan K. Goldberg any additions and corrections; he would be especially interested in learning the trade names of these drugs outside of the USA.
    Last reviewed: By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on 9 Oct 2013
        Published on All rights reserved.



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