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The Sky Is Falling: Understanding and Coping With Phobias, Panic, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

This is a terrific book to start out with if you are dealing with anxiety attacks. It’s the first book I read, mainly because it’s rather thin and when I was starting out I wanted quick answers. This book really went a long way to convince me that everything I needed to defeat my feelings of panic was already with me. It’s very straightforward and easy to read, If you’re like I am you don’t want a lot of theory about why, you just want to kill the problem. Here’s an excellent way to start.

Case studies of sufferers are presented, including a woman who experiences panic attacks in public places; a man terrified of driving over bridges; and a teenage boy who stops eating for fear of being poisoned. The last section gives pragmatic advice for recognizing fallacious thinking and setting both short-term and long-range goals to relieve these debilitating reactions. This book should also be quite helpful for those trying to aid someone with these problems.

Softcover, 316 pages.

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