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Richard McLean has written a fascinating book on schizophrenia entitled, ‘Recovered, Not Cured, a journey through schizophrenia’, published by Allen and Unwin in 2003 in Australia. It has received a highly commended in the Human Rights awards (Australia), Non-Fiction, in 2003, and SANE’s book of the year, 2004.

From Amazon.com: “The book is written in snippets of experiences and often the reader is hurled one story after another of the patient’s psychosis, paranoia, search for codes or deciphering of codes and secret messages, the delusions of voices the author heard and his reactions to them. In addition to these experiences, he inserts numerous e-mails from other schizophrenia patients he’d received or read on mental illness-online boards, as well as messages from family members of mental patients and how they coped with them. Since he is a graphics designer by trade, he’d added plenty of visual representations of his internal torments.

I recommend this book to all readers interested in learning about the symptoms of schizophrenia, how to seek treatment and how to learn to cope with the disease.”

Softcover, 192 pages.

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