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By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

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The Power of Touch

I thought about how much I should leave her. She kept the beers coming and she was easy on the eyes. I like her, I thought; she deserves a...
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Medication and Anxiety

Medication can be an effective approach for managing various types of anxiety such as panic, hyperarousal, and constant worry. However, contrary to popular belief and subtle messages from pharmaceutical...
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Is it OCD, OCPD, or What?

Grace is obsessed about order and having things “just #8221; She is constantly checking for symmetry in her surroundings. The time she spends ordering and organizing her things is...
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OCD and Fear of Treatment

I’ve previously written about recovery avoidance in those with obsessive-compulsive disorder. It can be heartbreaking for family and friends to know there is treatment for the illness, yet their...
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