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“Solution-focused counseling is the perfect approach for professional counselors. This practical book shows counselors how to base treatment on ‘what works’ and to de-emphasize problems. Read this book and learn to help your clients in this constructive way.” — Jon Carlson, Psy.D., Ed.D., Distinguished Professor, Governors State University

“This volume puts it all together: rich theoretical resources, sound guidelines and rationale for effective practice, detailed case material, and a solid encounter with the hard cases. We owe to Jeffrey Guterman our deepest appreciation for a splendid contribution not only to the counseling profession but to the therapeutic community everywhere.” — Kenneth J. Gergen, Ph.D., Professor, Swarthmore College

“Dr. Guterman has crafted a miraculous guide that will not only help counselors to practice more effectively, but may also change the way they see their clients and themselves….Guterman has all but ensured that the future of solution-focused counseling is bright and secure by inspiring counselors of today and tomorrow to encourage miracles, to embrace exceptions, and to help their clients create hopeful lives for themselves and others. — Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D., Professor, Nova Southeastern University

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