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Living Without Depression and Manic Depression: A Workbook for Maintaining Mood Stability

Those affected with depressive and manic depressive disorders can live fairly normal lives with proper treatment: this title provides self-help tips to supplement treatment programs, providing encouragement for self-advocacy and including recommendations for support and self-help therapy. From minimizing negative influences from the past to using peer counseling effectively, this provides a workbook packed with tips.

Living Without Depression and Manic Depression outlines a program that helps people achieve real breakthroughs in coping and healing. This exhaustive handbook covers the following issues: self-advocacy, building a network of support, developing a wellness lifestyle, achieving calmness with energy, symptom prevention strategies, building self-esteem, developing a personalized plan for mood stability, building a career that works, trauma resolution, dealing with sleep problems, diet, vitamin and herbal therapies, dealing with stigma, managing medication side effects, psychotherapy and counseling alternatives, learning to have fun, laughter and pleasure.

Softcover, 263 pages.

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