Is Using a Shower Massager Okay to Masturbate?

By Marina Benjamen, Ph.D.
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Using a shower massager is one of the tried-and-true ways of reaching orgasm for many women. In fact, one study showed this method to be the third most common way that women discovered orgasm (just after hands and rubbing against an object).

It is very hard to cause damage to your body by masturbating, no matter how you do it. Just use your body as a guide: If something feels painful, then stop. But there is no harm from using a shower massager. About the worst thing that could happen is that if a lot of water were to enter your vagina it could upset the natural balance and make you susceptible to a yeast infection. If you want to avoid this, concentrate the water on the outside and don’t put the shower massager directly up against or inside your vagina.

Otherwise, relax and enjoy!


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