There are a number of ways you can reduce the amount you pay for prescription drugs. These include switching to lower cost generics or different brands with the same or similar effectiveness, taking a shorter-acting drug more frequently, ordering higher dosages and then splitting pills in half, shopping around for the best prices at online, mail-order, and retail pharmacies, or even using non-prescription drugs as alternatives. What is right for you depends on your specific concern and the medication you’re taking.

Remember, before switching to a generic or considering any change with your medication, talk to your doctor first. Your doctor is the only one who can ensure you’re making a safe and effective change.

One website that can help you learn whether a generic is available for the current drugs you’re taking is called the Medicine Cabinet Advisor from

  • Compare the price of your medication.
  • Review your Drug Cost Analysis report to identify lower cost options.
  • Print the Drug Cost Analysis report and decide with your doctor which medication is best for you to reduce your out of pocket cost

Visit the Rxaminer website to learn if you can lower your drug costs today.

You can also review pharmacy discount programs and patient assistance programs, which may also help you lower your drug costs — sometimes significantly.