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Book Review: Retiring Solo

In Retiring Solo: Plan to Be Happy, Healthy and Independent in the Years Ahead, entrepreneur Lori Martinek gifts readers with an upbeat, expansive and empowering guide to retirement and...
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OCD and Doing the Opposite

When my son Dan was struggling with severe OCD, his compulsions were all done “to keep something bad from happening.” In his mind, if he moved from his chair, neglected...
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7 Reasons to Smile

“Now, when you are in New York, walk purposefully. Keep your head down and don’t smile at anyone.” It was kindly meant advice. A friend was coaching me about...
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Book Reviews

Book Review: The Power Paradox

Want to understand power? Forget Machiavelli! For too long, argues Dacher Keltner, author of The Power Paradox: How We Gain and Lose Influence, we have accepted unquestioningly the version...
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