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Higher Death Rates for the Mentally Ill

Researchers have found higher-than-expected death rates from physical health problems for people with mental illness. Dr. Alex Mitchell of Leicester University, , and colleagues in Australia examined findings from...
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Myths About Suicide

In May 2007 a young woman in Oklahoma died of a gunshot wound to the head. Whether it was self-inflicted or not was not apparent. Her family hoped to...
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Suicide and the Military

When someone commits suicide, it’s a tragedy. When we are losing more soldiers to suicide than to the Afghanistan war, it’s a tragic epidemic. In June of 2010, there...
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Tipper Gore on Mental Illness

Speech given at Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry Dartmouth Hitchcook Medical Center Thursday, January 14, 1999 Good afternoon and thank you, Dr. Silberfarb for the kind introduction It’s great...
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