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Keeping Your Mind While Your Aging Parents Lose Theirs

June 28th, 2006
Doing Your Best for Mom or Dad in the Final Years It’s happening in large numbers. We aren’t alone. We’re having to take care of our aging parents. More people are living longer. Unfortunately that doesn’t mean they are healthier. Maybe it’s the medications and procedures that help keep our parents alive. While the ages, and ...

Does Chocolate Addiction Exist?

Chocolate craving is very common, but can we actually be addicted to it? Can these powerful urges to eat truly be classed as an addiction? We generally crave foods due to external prompts and our emotional state, rather than actual hunger. We tend to be bored, anxious, or depressed immediately before experiencing cravings, so one ...

Assertiveness: A Personal View, Part 1

We all know how important it is to be assertive, and yet so many of us find it very hard to achieve in practice, especially if we have had some depression or social anxiety in our lives. However, assertiveness is so fundamental to health and happiness, that if we have lost it, we will need ...

Mental Illness in the Workplace, Part 4

In the last issue, I discussed the rights and responsibilities of both you, as an employee, and your employer. Now, besides deciding whether to talk to your employer, your colleagues need to be taken into consideration as well. You have no obligation to disclose your illness to your co-workers. That said, some issues may arise. ...

Acceptance, Part 3

One of my biggest life changes in recent years has been finding out I have arthritis and a couple of degenerating vertebrae. I denied to myself that there was anything wrong with me when I first noticed that I couldn’t stand at the sink and wash dishes. It caused me quite a bit ...
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