Articles on Grief and Loss - Page 4

Preparing for Grief

The death of someone close to us is the most severe stressor imaginable. Bereavement brings a high risk of mental and physical health problems for a long time afterward....
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Book Review: How to Deal with Adversity

Although the title sounds very self-help,  a serious text in which Christopher Hamilton — philosopher, author, and senior lecturer in philosophy of religion at London’s King’s College — uses his scholarship to push...
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Children and Grief

Children often are disenfranchised in their grief. Well-meaning adults try to protect them from the enormousness of loss by distracting them, telling them half-truths, even lying to them about...
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Tips for Coping with Organizational Change

Downsizing. Reinventing. Reorganizing. Merging. Acquiring. Joint venturing. Relocating. Restructuring. Many of these have become euphemisms for removing significant numbers of employees from a company’s payroll. Whether you are among...
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